WellBeing Support

I am not a counsellor.

But I am experienced and trained to recognise when people might need specialist support.

Before that though, I can offer immediate Wellbeing support using a series of tools to help individuals understand their lifestyle and priorities and how these might be impacting in their contribution in the workplace.

One client described the following to me:

I had two guys who had a tough time with alcohol. One got into terrible debt issues, and the other was thrown out of his house by his partner, and we found him sleeping in his car in the warehouse one day. I am very proud that we “did the right thing” with these two guys, and both have been able to sort their lives out. We paid off Bill’s credit cards and the horrendous informal loans, and we took it out of his salary for the next 18 months. Jo has been taken back in by his partner and has been off alcohol for 6 months now.”

A great example of how a focus on an employee’s Wellbeing, rather than just their actions, generated great results for all involved.

interested in what i offer?