Exec Coaching

People turn down the opportunity for Exec Coaching for a variety of reasons:

“What can a coach teach me about my business?”

“The coach doesn’t know my job and what I am up against?”

“I don’t need counselling.”

“I don’t have time.”

All apparently valid reasons until one hears what Exec Coaching can achieve:

“For me the coaching has been a real benefit in allowing me to understand what my long-term and short-term business goals are. It has allowed me to comprehend where I am against where I should be and to allow me to set realistic expectations.

Roger is a calming influence who listens well (he has to with me), I always found his coaching constructive and beneficial.”

I feel I have benefited from the coaching sessions in a couple of ways:

  • It has given me the opportunity to reflect on the things that are important to me as an individual and to look at ways in which my business can help me to achieve my goals;
  • It has enabled me to vocalise my ideas for the business which, in turn, has prompted me to take action rather than just keep thinking about it. In other words, it helped me turn my thoughts into actions.”

In summary, Exec Coaching is about developing the self-awareness of the coachee, encouraging their reflection, and supporting the coachee to really understand their own challenges and turn them into opportunities.

It is about personal development and is reliant on the personal responsibility of the Coachee, to take ownership of the actions.

The Exec Coach does not need to be an expert in a specific field but does need to be an expert in facilitating learning and the self-awareness of the coachee.

The Exec Coach is nondirective.

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