Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching are often confused and in some people’s minds are merged into one and the same, maybe with counselling thrown into the mix as well.

However, when conducted properly they are distinct tools applied to distinct situations:

“I enjoyed every minute with roger. I feel like I benefitted highly from our time working together! He guided me how to get the head office into check working properly.”

A good example here of how one of my clients was having issues in his relations with another department, which after discussion became a ‘leadership’ challenge and I was able to use my experience to guide the client to actions that produced tangible results.

In summary

mentoring is the passing on of skills and experience to help an individual solve a specific issue.

So, the key difference versus coaching is that a mentor will offer solutions to the Mentee.

In this way the mentor in more directive.

Like coaching though, a successful mentoring programme still relies on the individual to take a personal responsibility for their development.

The Mentor does need to have plenty of experience of and skills in their field of interest. As a Leadership Mentor, for instance I do have many years of successful experience leading very diverse teams.

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