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Ground Ball Retrieval – SSG

So you start coaching and go on an RFL coaching course and they teach you the basics of passing, tackling and even some kicking but they are all taught as static and drill based, someone kicks a ball and someone else catches it and kicks it back or someone kicks it and someone else chases it but how does that relate to the game in the real world, how does a player learn about decision making, when to drop on the ball and when to pick it up on the run, when they have time or they have to attack the ball?

Tight 6 Ruck defense system


The tight 6 ruck defence is one way of structuring your team to defend around the ruck. It relies on communication and speed from the 2 defenders either side of the ruck. This defensive system is described in the 'Laying the Foundations' E book available for download from the site. Click Ebooks on the menu for more information. [private]

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You require a play the ball situation with a runner either side, 2 markers and then some defenders who start outside of the grid.

To start the drill, the 1st marker puts the ball carrier on the floor and waits for a held call. At that point the defenders must get around the cones and set themselves together with the markers.

The ball carrier gets up and play the ball and the AHB hits one of the runners, the first marker moves across towards the man receiving the pass and the second marker steps up inline with him. As the ball is played the 4 defenders move up to create a wall with the 2 markers.


Plenty for you to look for with this one, communication is key.

Correct play the ball

Markers working correctly

Make sure the defenders do not cross each other. [/private]