Dammy half pass

The ‘Ruck’ is the centre of the universe!

Well it is probably the most important area of the Rugby Pitch that is for sure! Everything starts around the ruck, floor work and marker work followed by ruck plays and dummy half passing. If your hooker gets this pass wrong then inverably you turn the ball over and end up defending another set.

The following drills give you a lot of variation on passing off the floor to targets at different distances.



The first part of the technique teaches the players how to pass the ball quickly and accuratley straight off the floor.

The first thing to teach your players is how to pick or scoop the ball up in the correct position for a quick pass. The player should always take their lead hand over the top of the ball and drag it back towards them and into the other hand (A slip doing it the other way could result in a knock on) as this minimises the chance of a knock on.

Next you want your players to put the lead foot at the side of the ball with their back foot behind it pointing in the direction of the man to which they are passing and finally sit to pick up the ball rather than bending at the waist.

The players perform a 6 o’clock pass off the floor to the receiver before advancing through the drill where each pass becomes longer.

You are looking as a coach for good flight of the ball (As little tumbling as possible), correctly weighted passes and them hitting the targets.

Advance One

You can change the drill so that the pass is a spin pass for each one or short passes for the first couple and then spin passes for the others so that the players work on choosing the correct type of pass at the correct time.

Advance Two

Double up the number of balls so the the player is passing to both sides using the same technique.

Advance Three

Place the balls at different distances so that the first pass is 8 meters and the 2nd 3 with the 3d 6 meters etc and challenge the players to use the correct passing techniqe dependent on the distance of the pass and also weight the pass correctly.

Another Drill

This drill practices the same techniques as above but adds pace into the equation and forces the player to look up and see where they are passing and weight accordingly.

For this drill you need 3 players, a tackle sheild and 10 balls


Set out the drill the same as the image below, The player runs around the tackle bag at pace and passes to receivers who are static. To advance the drill, have the receivers change their distance from the ball for each pass so that the passer has to look up and weight the pass correctly.



playing into space small sided game for rugby league

Playing into Space – SSG

How to play the game:

Blues are attacking players, Orange are defending players, Red are coach positions and light blue are cones that show the retreating player where to go back too.

The players in defense are numbered according to the side the coach is feeding the ball in from so closest is one to five furthest away.