Playing into Space – SSG

playing into space small sided game for rugby league

Playing into Space – SSG

How to play the game:

Blues are attacking players, Orange are defending players, Red are coach positions and light blue are cones that show the retreating player where to go back too.

The players in defense are numbered according to the side the coach is feeding the ball in from so closest is one to five furthest away.

• Coach shouts out a number and that starts the game.
• Player, whose number is shouted out retreats to the cone, turns and defends.
• The Defenders can only defend against their man and cant chase back once the line is broken
• Attacking players are to pass the ball to the player in space and then attack the fullback.
• Every player is to touch the ball in attack.
• Players to keep changing position in the attacking line.

Key Coaching Points:

  • Grip and Carry, Pass, Catch, Communication, Head Up

Modifications to influence outcomes:

  • Once the players are competent you can move it into a game related environment. Simply give each defender a number and play tuck and pass. When you call a players number as the ball is played that player finds a knee and the attack have to look up and play into the space.
  • Increase the number of passes required before the attack can play into the space so they may have to pass to players beyond the gap and then come back. Increases speed of thought and handling.

Questions / Feedback / Observations:

  • Allow observing players to feedback
  • Pick up on any core skills or techniques that need improving
  • Pushing through in support
  • Communication

Play with head up.

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