Play the ball – See Saw drill

Play the ball – See Saw drill


This drill uses many parts of the game of Rugby League and allows you to concentrate on different core skills depending on what you want to teach your team. A ‘See Saw’ drill is one that basically goes across to one side and then turns around and goes straight back to the other side a little like a see saw, you will understand better when you watch the videos. This is quite an advanced drill and probably not one you should be using much under 12 or 13 years old as the kids will struggle to understand it.

I have called this drill the Play the Ball see saw as that is the core component that I last used it to teach however there are many other core skills that it also works at the same time for instance ‘Timing the Run’, ‘Grip and Carry’, ‘Bump’, ‘Passing’ and Communication.


You will need 2 Tackle Shields, a ball and some cones for this drill.

Set 3 lines of players up, the outside 2 opposite tackle shields. The 1st player runs the ball in to the tackle and ‘Bumps’ the defender out of the way before hitting the deck for a quick play the ball, a second player from the first line goes into Dummy Half and passes to the man in the middle who attacks the line and then hits the runner from the 3rd line. He bumps the defender for a quick play the ball and a second man from the same line goes into dummy half and passes to the man in the middle and so on and so forth.

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[dropcaps]C[/dropcaps]oaching Points

When a mad driving the ball in is looking to bumb and get a quick play the ball, he should carry the ball centre chest and then wrap just before contact and actually use the ball and fore arms to effect the ‘Bump’ and then hit the deck looking for a quick play the ball.

Make sure that the play the ball is controlled and the players uses the Snap, sweep, touch technique correctly.

The Dummy Half should put his first hand over the ball and pull it back to the second hand to make sure he doesn’t knock on.

The Dummy Half can either pass off the floor or jump before passing to the middle man.

The man in the middle is looking to take the ball towards an imaginary defensive line and then hit the runner with a flat pass. Make sure he communicates.

The runner should be communicating well, timing his run and hitting the ball at pace.

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