Pass ‘N’ Score – SSG

Pass ‘N’ Score – SSG

This pass and score game is really adaptable as it allows your players to practice their handling skills whilst being challenged under preassure. It also makes them play with their heads up and react to situations that are ever evolving.

If you are practicing handling around the body and round legs to test grip etc I suspect most will have done it with the players in lines racing each other to a cone and back practicing the skill. It works but isn’t very game related.

Set your area up as per the pictures below using cones making each base up of individual colours with about 20 feet between the middle goals and around 35 feet between the 2 end ones.

Basic Rules

    • None Contact
    • Players are not allowed in goals for longer than 3 seconds
    • Team Attacks for 2 Minutes and scores as many points as they can
    • Every goal = 1 Point
    • For every dropped ball take a point away
    • No overhead Passes

Make them think

These are adaptions to the game that you can include to make them have to think a little more rather than just concentrating on the pass

    • Must perform a certain number of passes before they can attack
    • Can only attack the goal the coach shouts out.
    • Must score in the order that the coach nominates (Colour Order)

Test the skills

These are different options that you can throw in to test different skills in the same game Under Preassure

    • Catch the ball then they move it on with a grubber or chip kick
    • Vary the size and types of ball used
    • Pass ball round body / under legs etc before passing
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Download Pass and Score (1137) [/info]

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