One Defender, 2 Defender defence drill

One Defender, 2 Defender defence drill


This defensive drill works on a number of  the core defensive skills as well as getting your defenders working together as  part of a defensive unit. This drill will also work on player fitness when done  continually for a set number of minutes. Communication in this one is a must to get the line pushing together.


This is a drill that can de carried out in  a really confined space with anything from 4 to 8 or 10 defenders depending on  the number of tackle shields you have available.

Set your attacking line up with the number  of tackle shields you have available and your first defender 10 meters away  from the first attacker with the rest of your defenders in a line behind them.

1st man moves in and makes the tackle,  using the correct technique but doesn’t drive the player or take him to the  ground and then slides across to attacker 2 as he retreats the ten. Your first  player should then communicate with the next man and they go in and complete  the tackle together.

 [flashvideo filename=videos/12_defender.flv /]


Get your players to signal at the attacker  they are defending against.

Make sure the line looks to make sure  everyone is set, that they communicate and move in together maintaining the  line.

1st impact in the tackle should be the  shoulder, grip around the back with the arm connected to that shoulder and then  leaver the opposite leg.


Allow the attacking line to move in making  the drill a full contact one.

Remove the tackle shields so that the  players get used to the contact.

Complete the drill by having the defenders  lift the leg, drive and then ground the attacker. When doing this one complete  the drill by working the floor and offloading to the marker position.

Remove tackle shields and make it full  contact.

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