Offside Touch – SSG

Offside touch small sided game for rugby league

Offside Touch – SSG

How to play the game

The game is best played with smaller numbers and the dimensions set out above work well for 6 a-side. If you want to include more players then adjust the dimensions of the pitch to suit.

  • Each team has a different scoring zone to score in
  • 6 Tackles
  • Players can pass in any direction
  • Players can run with the ball
  • Players must stop and pass when tagged
  • Any errors or dropped ball result in a turnover

If you have the numbers then have 2 teams on and another team stood off watching that you as coach can ask questions. The team watching can then provide constructive feedback to those playing when the sides change over.

3 Minute Games – Winner stays on


Key Coaching Points:

  • Grip, Carry, Catch and Pass


Modifications to influence outcomes:

  • No chest catches (Promotes early catch)
  • Correct carry when running with the ball.
  • No overhead passes / spin passes.
  • 1st pass has to go backwards / can’t pass back to the person you got the ball off.
  • Can only pass with right hand / Left hand / if it comes to you from right you can only pass with left and vice versa
  • A pass must be followed by a grubber or a chip kick
  • Promote support of the ball carrier by allowing the attacking team to turn and attack the other end if they are all within 10 when the try is scored.
  • Promote conditioning by having the attacking team attack for the full 3 minutes, on dropped ball they all must get back behind their line before they can play again. Defenders have to retreat to their line before they can move up and defend.

On a turnover the team that gets the ball should always attack the scoring zone furthest away.


Questions / Feedback / Observations:

  • Allow the team that was observing to feedback their observations.
  • Pickup on any core skills or techniques that need work.
  • Movement and finding space with and without the ball
  • Communication
  • Playing with heads up


Download Offside Touch PDF (105)

We would love to here from you if you are using the small sided games or even update with different rules that you have added that you have seen success with.

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