A rugby league E-book that will help you get the best out of your side next season.

The E-book was initially a play book put together for my players to help them understand the structures that we would be working on the following season. It dawned on me that by turning it into a book it may be useful to other Amatuer coaches so thats what I did.

The book takes a look at the following elements:




  • Defensive Structure
  • Defending the ruck
  • Defensive Shape
  • Defending a Kick
  • Defending the ruck
  • Escorting a Kick return




  • Pitch Layout
  • Channel System
  • Attacking Basics
  • Attacking Plays
  • Playing with Width
  • Simple Sets


Kicking Game


  • Kick off structure
  • Kicking for yards
  • Kicking to score
  • Kick Chase


Also included is information about set plays and scrums that will help you to isolate defenders and also create an overlap.


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Download Laying the Foundations (674)


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