Defender Retreat – SSG


Defender Retreat – SSG


This game can be played with 5 players upwards and has two effects. Conditioning for the defending side and playing into space / creating an overlap for the attack.

The game is simple to play, either 2 handed touch or stop momentum, in either case everyone involved in each tackle must re-treat to their own try line before they can come back into the defensive line.

You are looking for the attack to pick up on the space and either go through it or create an overlap to score.

Key Coaching Points:

  • Pass, Catch, awareness, play what you see, push through in support

Modifications to influence outcomes:

  • Change the tackle from tag to contact
  • Make the defenders do an exercise on the line like 5 sit-ups before they can come back into defence (Good to start with if attack can’t see gaps or create overlaps)
  • Make tackled attacker do an exercise before they can play the ball (Effective when attack are finding space / overlap constantly
  • If you would like push then all attackers must be within 10 when they score or no try

Questions / Feedback / Observations:

  • Allow the team that was observing (If you had one) to feedback their observations.
  • Pickup on any core skills or techniques that need work.
  • What went well / even better if
  • Communication
  • Playing with heads up.


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