Criss Cross Offloads

Criss Cross Offloads


This is a neat drill that keeps everyone constantly working and see’s the players learning how to go into contact in a way that allows them to spin off the defender, keeping the ball carrying arm away and then works on the ability to offload to a man following up in support.

This drill requires Marker Cones, 2 Tackle Shields and a ball.


2 Players need to hold tackle shields with a line opposite each at right angles as per the animation. 1st player runs and hits the shield, turns and offloads to a player in support from the other line and the drill continues.

Make sure the players swap lines so that they can practice offloading both left and right.

[flashvideo filename=videos/xx_offloads.flv /]


Correct carry position when running towards the tackle.

Keeping an eye on and turning towards the player in support so that you never loose sight of him.

Communication between both the ball carrier and the support player.

Once the players are used to the drill make sure it is run at full speed.


Remove the pads and have the defender actually tackling and trying to prevent the offload.

Sets of Sit-ups / Press ups after so many balls have been dropped.

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