Grip and Carry, Passing, Play the ball, Tackling. In the following page we go through those core skills to give you a head start.


The standard 2 handed Grip

  • This is the way that a player will hold the ball majority of the time.
  • Thumbs spread greater than right angles and fingers spread out.
  • The palm should be arched so that only tips of the fingers are contacting the ball.
  • The grip is on the centre of the ball.
  • The grip is on the centre of the ball.
  • Elbows spread out.

The standard 2 handed Grip

  • This is an extra image depicting the same carry as above from a different angle.

The Single Handed Grip

  • This is used when you are looking to fend (Handoff) your defender or looking to offload in a tackle.
  • Same principles apply, fingers and thumbs spread with the palm arched.


The Two Handed Carry

  • The ball is carried using the grip as described above.
  • Elbows are spread and the ball is carried in the centre of the chest.

The One Handed Carry

  • Similar to the two handed carry the ball is compressed into the chest with a single handed grip.
  • Elbows Slightly Raised, Shoulders relaxed
  • This carry allows you to pass both ways and change to a number of different carries depending on what the defender does


The Pass

  • The pass comes following the carry, the better the carry, the better you can execute the pass
  • Flick the wrists over and point the ball at the floor. Turn Hips towards receiver
  • Push the ball out of the hands so that it maintains the 6 O’Clock position in flight
  • Finally look before passing

The Catch

  • Fingers and thumbs spread.
  • Soft arms at chest hight.
  • Turn shoulders towards the ball.
  • Catch Early


The Approach

  • Foot furthest away from the target in line with the ball
  • Other foot at right angles pointing at the target.

The Pass

  • Look up and scan before you pass.
  • Head and shoulders pointing towards the target
  • Hands follow through to target
  • Catch Early

Play the Ball (Snap, Sweep, Touch)

Player on their back

  • Simulates a tackled position.

Roll to the Ball

  • Wherever you have the ball, roll towards it to reduce the risk of knocking on


  • Snap both knees up towards your chest.


  • Sweep the trailing leg up and push the ball back (This image is slightly wrong in that the player should keep the ball in his hand(s) until he regains his feet and should not use the ball to stand up)

Play the Ball

  • Once the ball is played stay alive and look to get in position for the next play.
  • Don’t grab at or obstruct the marker as you run the risk of giving a penalty

Front Drive Tackle

The Approach

  • In a position where you can get your shoulder under the ball.
  • Bend knees into squat position
  • Drive up through tackle


  • Drive up from the sitting position under the ball.
  • One hand lifts leg to make the player off balance


  • Same stage as above just from the opposite angle.
  • Tuck your head in nice and tight.
  • Look Up (Imagine you are looking over the top of some glasses)

Finish On top

  • Finish on top of the tackled player and keep your weight on.
  • Catch Early

Unload to Marker

  • When unloading from the tackle, always keep a little pressure on your opponent to slow them getting to their feet

Alive and ready for action

  • Once you have unloaded and are back at marker, stay switched on and get ready to work again.