Constant attack – SSG

constant attack small sided rugby league training game

Constant attack – SSG


This game is all about the attack and defence working hard constantly for a certain amount of time and will push your players to the limit in terms of cardio work.

In the in-goal area you will see 4 balls and one team setup in their in-goal area, this team will attack constantly until all the balls are used and then they will swap with the defending team.

  • Unlimited tackles unless a mistake is made
  • A try or a knock-on, incorrect play the ball ETC finishes the play with that ball
  • To restart all attackers must retreat behind their try line as must all defenders. Once everyone is behind the line then the attackers can play the ball and the defenders can advance up field.
  • You can play this tackle or tag but if playing tag the referee needs to control the speed of the play the ball by making the tackled player drop to their front before they can re-gain their feet and play the ball.

Key Coaching Points:

  • Pass, Catch, awareness, play what you see, push through in support. Quick play the ball

Modifications to influence outcomes:

  • Change the tackle from tag to contact
  • Make tackled attacker do an exercise before they can play the ball (Effective when attack are finding space / overlap constantly
  • If you would like push then all attackers must be within 10 when they score or no try

Questions / Feedback / Observations:

  • Allow the team that was observing (If you had one) to feedback their observations.
  • Pickup on any core skills or techniques that need work.
  • Where both attack and defence pushing themselves to get back and go again
  • What went well / even better if
  • Communication
  • Playing with heads up.
  • Controlled play the ball.

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