Restric your messages when coaching rugby league

Limit your messages

One of the most common frustrations of modern Rugby League is we don’t produce enough “Quality” Pivots but do we ever stop to ask why?

The answer is, on fields all over the country on a Sunday morning where players develop playing for there community clubs however it doesn't just stop there it also goes on during there time in Academy and Rep Football and IF they get to first grade we have the finished article a robot.

a rugby league scrum

Skills needed to play prop

Rugby league over the last 15 or 20 years has changed massively, early 90s the props were carrying a bit of timber and rotated often but the modern day prop is a finely tuned athlete the same as a centre and winger, some teams have bigger and stronger wingers than others prop forwards, Lesley Vinakolo a case in point when he was at Bradford and Ryan Hall currently playing for Leeds. It's fair to say that in Junior rugby league your props are dictated by their size and speed, the chunkier lads

Core Stability

The foundation for safe and dynamic movement

You may have heard people within Rugby League talking about the core or core stability but what is it and how does it help Rugby League players?

The stability of the Core or Trunk is the foundation for explosive movement and control so Agility, Balance and Co-Ordination. Benefits of developing ‘core stability’ In Rugby League terms, you become more stable in contact, better able to withstand tackles, and solid in your ability to receive and offload the ball. By training specifically for core stability, you gain a number of benefits.

Controlling the Touchline

“Spectators screaming at players and the referee achieves nothing.”

I have stood on the touchlines up and down the country watching games that I have been involved in and others that I have just gone along to watch and every game has one common factor, the touchline full of spectators screaming and shouting at both the players and the referee. Some of the comments that I have heard and reactions that I have seen have bordered on child abuse, not physical but mental which is regarded by some in the clinical profession as the worst form.

Picture of kids having fun Playing Rugby

Does winning Matter?

“If winning isn’t important, why then do we keep score”

When I started coaching I was 25 and started with a team at under 10s, everything that I did was about winning the game the following week. If that meant changing positions to put my biggest lad against the oppositions smallest then I would or if we could just barge through them up the middle then that became the game plan but the outlook was very short term, sure at under 10s and 11s we where winning games but does that really matter?

Dummy Runner or Option Runner

When I started coaching I got into the habit of asking players to be a 'Dummy Runner' in certain situations and very quickly they became used to being that 'Dummy Runner' which created problems further down the line. As the team progressed we then started getting the half backs taking on the line and picking the correct option which then caused a problem with our Dummy Runners.

What had happened is that the players had got used to running the lines but didn't expect the ball but the halves where giving them the ball because they where actually the correct option as they had a gap in front of them. Arguments ensued and the whole issue had to be addressed and thats when I realised a mistake had been made that slowed down our progress.